Greeting from the President
Honeston Co., Ltd has contributed to the science of press die manufacturing as a specialized company, handling all facets of press die components design since its foundation of 1971.
The press die industry has changed drastically as the result of globalization and new technology since 1971. Today’s market is characterized by cutthroat international competition, and moreover reduction of Japanese domestic market, Honeston group is constantly rising to the challenges of today and tomorrow. To accommodate diversified customer’s needs, both manufacturing and sales together are dedicated to the concepts of ‘One-off manufacturing’ and ‘Speed is key’ and promote them in everything we do.
The Honeston team is dedicated to delivering high quality specialized components that fulfill our customers’ needs in a timely manner and at a competitive price.
We believe that the service and dedication that is intrinsic in Honeston’s customer relationships is the core of our mutual success.
I would like to ask for your continued support now and in the future.
President Yoshihiro Suzuki
Yoshihiro Suzuki

Company name Honeston Co., Ltd.
President Yoshihiro Suzuki
Location [Headquarters] 3-501-2 Ikeba Tenpaku-ku Nagoya City
[Komaki Sales Office / Factory] 414-8 Shitanda Shimozue Komaki City
[Okazaki Sales Office / Factory] 20-18 Ushiochi Shinpukuji-Cho Okazaki City
[Shizuoka Sales Office] Motoichiba 117-8 Fuji City
[Kanagawa Sales Office] Matsui Sangyo No.2BLD.103,1-30-1 Tsumadanishi, Atsugi City
Established November 1971
Capital \20,000,000
Employees 80 (Male: 45 Female: 35)
Banks Mizuho Bank Nagoya Chuo Branch
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Yagoto Branch
Bank of Nagoya Hirabari Branch
Gifu Shinyo Kinko Ueda Branch
Shokochukin Atsuta Branch

 October 1971  Established in Atsuta-ku, Nagoya by Masayoshi Sasaki
 November 1971  Corporation established with \2,000,000 in capital, relocated to Showa-ku
 February 1977  Headquarters relocated to Tenpaku-ku, Nagoya
 April 1980  Sales office and factory established in Irukadeshinden, Komaki
 December 1983  Komaki sales office and factory relocated
 September 1991  Changed corporate name from Honeston Shoji Co., Ltd. to Honeston Co., Ltd.
 September 1991  Headquarters relocated
 May 1996  Okazaki factory established
 October 1996  Okazaki sales office, Shizuoka sales office established
 October 1999  Komaki sales office and factory relocated
 September 2003  ISO 9001 certified
 January 2004  Subsidiary HONESTON AMERICA CORPORATION established in the United States.
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 August 2005  Okazaki sales office and factory relocated
 January 2007  Kyushu sales office established
 February 2007

 Aichi Quality Company certification acquired (See the certificate below.)


 November 2008

 “One-off manufacturing” trademark registered (See the certificate of trademark registration below.)


 December 2011  Elected Masayoshi Sasaki as a chairperson and Yoshihiro Suzuki as the president
 December 2013  Established Kanagawa sales office in Atsugi, Kanagawa prefecture.
 March 2014  Established Factory of Press-die parts manufacturing, in H.A.C.

Pursuing further improvement:
“Our goal is to provide reliably and quickly the products that our customers need."
We will strive to make further improvements in our quality policy together with ISO9001 certification.

1.We focus on the needs of our customer at all times to provide the products they require. Our goal is to satisfy our customers.

2. We are continuously improving and strengthening our system to provide the products that satisfy our customers.

3. In order to fulfill our quality policy, we train all employees to thoroughly understand our policy and evaluate the achievement of the quality objectives set by each department.
Type Registration number Date of certification
ISO9001:2000 1811 September 18, 2003

QS Accreditation

No.1811-ISO 9001

Recommendation and practice of “one-off manufacturing”
What is "one-off manufacturing?”
“One-off manufacturing” involves the formation of small teams with a leader responsible for all manufacturing processes. These teams manufacture products of high quality at low cost and in small production runs. We recommend the implementation of "one-off manufacturing" not only for manufacturing departments, but also for all employees focused on furthering their training.

”Speed is the key for our company”
We are focused on reducing lead time by making further improvements in speed and accuracy in all aspects of our operations.