Komaki factory Main equipment list 414-8 Shitanda Shimozue Komaki City 485-0825
Vertical Machining Centers FJV-250II(Yamazaki Mazak Corporation)
Vertical Machining Centers VERTICAL CENTER SMART 530C(Yamazaki Mazak Corporation)

Double Column Machining Centers V-515/40N(Yamazaki Mazak Corporation)

CNC Precision Surface Grinder TECHSTER-105 (Amada Machine Tools Co., Ltd.)

NC surface grinder PSG-65EXB (Okamoto Machine Tool Works, Ltd.)
Wire electric discharge machine NA2400P (two units) (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
Fine Hole electric discharge machine MEMH8 (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
Drilling machine EUD-500-3 (Enshu Limited.)
Drill grinder MK-32DU (KAWARAGI)
CNC CMM Crysta-Apex C 7106 (Mitsutoyo Corporation)
3D Digtizer ATOS(II) Triple Scan(Marubeni Information Systems)
CAD/CAM tools V3 (Graphic Products Inc.)

20-18 Ushiochi Shinpukuji-Cho Okazaki City, Aichi 444-2106
Multi-tasking machine INTEGREX400-III (two units) (Yamazaki Mazak Corporation)
Multi-tasking machine INTEGREX200-III (Yamazaki Mazak Corporation)
Multi-Tasking Machine INTEGREX400Y (Yamazaki Mazak Corporation)
Multi-Tasking Machine INTEGREX200Y (Yamazaki Mazak Corporation)
Multi-Tasking Machine INTEGREX100-2Y (Yamazaki Mazak Corporation)
CNC Turning Center NEXUS250M (Yamazaki Mazak Corporation)
Wire-cut Electric Discharge Machine α-1ic (Fanuc Corporation)
Wire-cut Electric Discharge Machine α-1iE(Fanuc Corporation)
NC surface grinder PSG-95EX (Okamoto Machine Tool Works, Ltd.)

CNC Precision Surface Grinder TECHSTER-64(Amada Machine Tools Co., Ltd.)

CNC cylindrical grinder CE4P-50 (Toyoda Machine Works, Ltd.)
Multi purpose lathe LR-55A (2 units) (Techno Washino)
Multi purpose milling machine VHR-A (Shizuoka Machine Tool Co., Ltd.)
Multi purpose milling machine YZ-8C (Yamazaki Giken Co., Ltd.)
Multi purpose bench lathe T850K (3 units) (Takamatsu Manufacturing Company)
Cutting machine (Heiwa Technica Co., Ltd.)
Band saw machine H-250SAII (Amada Co., Ltd.)

Punch micro grinder PMG-3E(Suzuki)

CNC CMM Crysta-Apex C 7106 (Mitsutoyo Corporation)
CAD/CAM Mastercam (JBM)

CNC jig borer YBM950V
Multi-tasking machine INTEGREX200-III
Multi-tasking machine INTEGREX100-2Y
Multi-tasking machine INTEGREX400-III
CNC CMM Crysta-Apex C 7106(Mitsutoyo Corporation)
Wire electric discharge machines NA2400P(Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
NC surface grinder PSG-65EXB
Wire-cut Electric Discharge Machineα-1ic

"Human resources" are more important than the latest machines and equipment.
We are intent on creating a working environment that will fulfill the potential capabilities of each of our employees.

We start by mastering the basic knowledge of our products and related technologies, as well as the basic communication and interaction skills needed to work with others.

We believe that is through such efforts that we can produce something special for our customers.