Introducing our products
Sales of die standard components
We have a carefully-selected assortment of the latest standard press die components to meet our customer's needs.
Manufacturing of die parts and mechanical components: gOne-off manufacturingh
We manufacture special ordered parts to support a wide variety of small quantity production. Our unique manufacturing system achieves glead time reductionh, gcost reductionh, and ghigh qualityh.

We meet our customers needs precisely and quickly in a broad area from Tokai to Kanto.
ENagoya Headquarters: city center, southern Owari Aichi region, western/southern/northern Mikawa Aichi region
Fukuoka-ken, Saga-ken, Oita-ken, Kumamoto-ken, [available over the entire Kyushu area]
EKomaki Sales Office: northern Nagoya, northern Owari Aichi region, Gifu-ken, Mie-ken, Shiga-ken
EOkazaki Sales Office: eastern Mikawa Aichi region, western Shizuoka-ken
EShizuoka Sales Office: eastern Shizuoka-ken, Yamanashi-ken, Kanagawa-ken, Nagano-ken
EKanagawa Sales Office: Kanagawa-ken, Saitama-ken, Tokyo-to, Chiba-ken
{Honeston America Corporation} Kentucky,Tennessee,Ohio,Indiana,Texas,Canada
@Press die components
Shoulder punches
Jector punches
Pilot punches
Burring punches
Special shaped punches
Special ordered punches
Standard die bushings
Special shaped die bushings
Coil springs
DANLY springs
Stripper bolts
Screw plugs
Dowel pins
Mold die sets
Steel die sets
Special ordered die sets
MG guide posts
Standard Plates
Special ordered plates
Oiles plates
Oiles bushing
Ball plungers
Cam slide units
Elastone springs
EG urethane
EX springs
Scrap shooter
TIC coating (CVD)
Rust preventions
Rust removers
Filter for wires
Press extracted oil
Other press related equipment, etc.

@Fine ceramic products

@Special ordered components (gOne-off manufacturing productsh)
Special ordered components: We provide a variety of high-quality die components made according to the specifications of our customers.
Our factories utilize a system that features the latest machines and experienced technicians based upon the concept of gone-off manufacturingh.
We select and manufacture products with a minimum lead time, and provide them at high quality and appropriate prices (cost reductions).

@Example of standard components

Punches / Dies
M type punches, K type punches, N type punches, pilot punches, punch guide bushings, die bushings, etc.

Surface hardening
Hardening of surfaces such as gTIC, TIN, etch for components such as punches and dies that require friction resistance

Coil springs, danly springs, urethane springs, etc.

Cam units
Inclined type, link slide, and several cam slide units with compulsory returning followers

Various bushings, plates, bearings, etc.

Small components
Stripper bolts, dowel pins, jespers, hooks, etc.

We take pride in our system of gone-off manufacturingh, a concept designed by technicians based on the origins of manufacturing. However, relying simply on the installation of the latest machines and the utilization of excellent techniques is a case of not seeing the forest for the trees.

It is of even greater importance to provide services that take consideration for the customer's point of view.

Honeston would like to work together with our customers as a reliable partner who is be able to see both the trees and the forest.